Saturday, April 9, 2011


Name: Brinda Parekh
Date of Birth: Born: January, 01, 1900
Place of Birth: Mumbai, India
Gender: Female
 She  is one of the hottest model on and off ramp.She hailed  originally from  the city of Mumbai, who began her modeling career in television commercials as suitngs of  Vimal, Microsoft Windows XP, Royal Challenge beers, cola Thum Up, etc. and hundreds of other brands in the print media also. She is  tallest with height of 5 feet 8 inches who is one of the height in the southern part of the field of Indian cinema .She has  great sense of coverage with the perfect figure she has.Her dark appearance is definitely a hot add-on. Brinda Parekh is an Indian actress and model known for hundreds of ads from South Indian films and many more items  in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi films and Kannada.She  made  four films in Tamil films and 2  Kannada filsmShe attend regular on "Page 3" party circuit in Mumbai and can often be the most glamorous parties in town. She loves animals and has one step further to approve matters relating to animal welfare. She loves animals and has one step further to approve matters relating to animal welfare been seen many times with his friend Ronak Damani, but she younger  to him , who share a great relationship.
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